For Yoga teachers, trainee teachers and pregnancy yoga teachers:

Triyoga introduces a 2 day immersion with Lolly Stirk to deepen your knowledge of pregnancy and yoga in pregnancy.

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Lolly Stirk independent pregnancy and post natal yoga teacher training courses

Lolly Stirk also runs independent teacher training courses and workshops internationally and in the UK. These time-flexible courses are tailored to suit varying audiences such as yoga teachers and studios, childbirth education groups, hospitals and midwives and doulas looking to expand their knowledge of yoga and active birth.

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This course will enable you to teach a form of yoga to pregnant women which:

  • Blends all stages of pregnancy, from 14 weeks to birth
  • Provides the potential for an interactive forum for learning on all levels.
  • Combines breathing with postures which is the ideal preparation for labour and birth both physically and emotionally.
  • Includes childbirth education, empowering women with information for decision making.

We will cover…

  • The anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, labour and birth relevant to yoga teachers
  • Hormones – mind/body effects
  • Active Birth – History and Philosophy
  • Optimal Foetal Positioning
  • Preparing the Pelvic floor – awareness, exercises and massage. · The use of props to enhance postures, relaxation and sleep
  • Breathing through labour and birth
  • Positions for labour and birth – instinctive movement
  • Water and some complimentary therapies for labour

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