For Yoga Teachers, Pregnancy Yoga Teachers, Hypnobirthers, Doulas and Childbirth Educators.

Lolly Stirk runs independent Teacher Training workshops/immersions/training courses internationally and in the UK. These time flexible courses are tailored to suit varying audiences, such as yoga teachers, yoga studios, childbirth education groups, hypnobirthing groups, midwives and midwifery students, and doulas who are looking to expand their physiological and experiential knowledge, of working with pregnant and postnatal women.

Lolly provides this knowledge and how to communicate it through the power of specialised yoga and breathwork which she has developed over 4 decades.

Workshop information

You will learn how to teach in a way that is perfectly designed for the pregnant body on every level.  The work takes a dynamic approach to the breath, and introduces ‘hypnobreathing,’ an innovative way into the pregnant bodymind, and a powerful guide through the process of labour and birth and beyond.

You will learn how to lead pregnant women into a deeper level of consciousness by lowering adrenaline levels and encouraging the endorphin release that eradicates fear and creates trust.  This approach moves beyond conventional group work and taps women into the state most conducive for a healthy and relaxed pregnancy and prepares them for labour and birth.

You will learn how to introduce childbirth education into your classes.  This involves combining gravity assisted positions with subliminal and subtle suggestions as women tune into their own instinctive movement and discover how pregnancy can reveal the true depth and sensitivity of yoga.

You will be looking at the dynamic anatomy and physiology of the pelvis and pelvic floor and learn how to work with and manage pelvic girdle pain and how to improve strength and balance in this area.

You will learn how to identify and address some of the physical complaints commonly found in pregnancy from the ground up.

The workshop will include:

  • Active Birth – History and Philosophy
  • Hormones – mind/body effects
  • Teaching varying stages of pregnancy within the same group
  • How to create a forum for information and communication.
  • The principles and practice of working with rather than against the body.
  • The use of props to enhance postures, relaxation and sleep.
  • Water and some complimentary therapies for labour and birth
  • Positions for labour and birth
  • Optimal Foetal Positioning
  • The opportunity to sit in on two of Lolly’s yoga in pregnancy classes forms part of the course.

We are looking forward to presenting the course online through:

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Mother Time - an online community for pregnancy and beyond, postnatal yoga
Mission - Lolly Stirk is teaching one day birth preparations sessions live in Shoreditch.