Lolly Stirk Active Birth Classes and workshops

Active Hypnobirthing

A practical workshop to prepare for the birth of your baby

This unique workshop for women and their birthing partner is informative, practical and confidence building. Knowledge is power, and you will gain a good understanding of how your body works during labour and birth, and how to encourage this innate and evolved process to flow.

During the workshop Lolly will draw on her many years as doula, yoga teacher, hypnobirther and childbirth educator. Her wealth of experience will provide you with the tools for working together before and during birth. You will learn how to release tension and fear through education, breathwork, visualisation, movement and massage.
Lolly pays particular attention to the partners role, specifically in terms of reading your body language and protecting your space to enable you to birth your baby undisturbed.

To include:

  • Hypnobreathing, sounding and visualisation for labour and birth.
  • Environmental factors that complement the release of birth hormones.
  • Gravity assisted positions and movements for labour and birth.
  • Water birth – using water as pain relief and giving birth in water.
  • Getting the best out of hospital and a home birth.

Online Workshops

Attending Lolly’s weekly pregnancy yoga classes at mother-time will compliment this workshop.

Online workshops through mother-time

Live workshops at Mission