Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Tea and Talk Time

Thousands of women have benefited from Lolly Stirks Yoga in Pregnancy Classes which have been developed over 35 years.

During tea time, at the beginning of the class, a forum is created for women to meet up and discuss pregnancy, birth and baby related subjects. These lively discussions, often lead by your questions, cover anything from the hormones of labor and birth, birth plans, pain relief, water birth and hospital/home birth to induction and post natal care.

The Yoga

Following the discussion we practise mindful yoga and hypnobreathing which is perfectly tailored for pregnancy. Physically, the combination of the simple postures, movements and breathing, work to release tension, create strength and energy leading to relaxation.

These postures create awareness, align the body, eradicate backache, enhance body awareness and confidence, improve posture, circulation and help with all symptoms associated with pregnancy. On a deeper level, through gravity-assisted positions, movements and breath work we are preparing for labor and birth.


Breathing, essential to life and birth, is the core of our class. Over the weeks spent with Lolly, through the practice of breath awareness, visualisation and sounding, you will become familiar with the natural rhythm of your breath and increase your ability to focus inward.

When practised in simple postures hypnobreathing will enable you to go into the”zone”- a meditative state which is perfect for labour. This practice is healing and calms the busy mind during pregnancy, clearing the way for you to listen to your own intuitive voice so that when your body takes over during labour you will instinctively know how to use your breath to soothe, steady and guide yourself through the waves of contractions and breathe yourself to an easier birth.